Dr Dawn Edge

Dawn Edge is a Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor in the Centre for New Treatments & Understanding in Mental Health (CeNTrUM) at The University of Manchester. Her research emanates from a passion to reduce inequalities in access, care and treatment for mental health problems – especially as experienced by underserved communities. In addition to her academic post, she is a Non-Executive Director of an NHS Mental Health & Social Care Trust, a Winston Churchill Fellow, and Governor of an inner-city Free School, which is committed to fostering pupils and parents’ well-being and resilience. Her research interests focus on: Intersections between determinants of health and illness such as ethnicity, gender, socioeconomic status and mental health

  • Interrelationships between mental and physical health and wellbeing
  • Factors that influence individuals’ abilities to access appropriate support, care and treatment
  • Individual- and community-level strategies for building resilience and managing psychological distress


Past and Current Confer Events


Distress or Disease?
Traumatic roots and treatment implications for black people within the UK mental health system

Saturday 3 October 2015


Danielle Knafo and Rocco Lo Bosco (2020) Confer


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