Professor Karl Figlio

Karl Figlio is a Senior Member of the British Psychotherapy Foundation, Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Association; Associate of the Institute of Psychoanalysis; and Professor in the Centre for Psychoanalytic Studies, University of Essex. Recent publications include “The Dread of Sameness: Social Hatred and Freud’s ‘Narcissism of Minor Differences’” (Auestad, L. (ed.) Psychoanalysis and Politics: Exclusion and the Politics of Representation. London: Karnac 2012; “Phallic and Seminal Masculinity: a Theoretical and Clinical Confusion“, International Journal of Psychoanalysis, 91(1), 2010, pp. 119-39). He is currently working on a book on Reparation, Extremism and the Instability of Identity.


Past and Current Confer Events


The Impossible Profession?
Monday 7 April 2014

One case: Three Perspectives
5 November 2010


Danielle Knafo and Rocco Lo Bosco (2020) Confer


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