Foluke Taylor

Foluke Taylor

Foluke Taylor is a psychotherapist, writer and teacher. She has been in practice for over 25 years, drawing on Black feminist, relational psychoanalytic, and narrative approaches, as well as on knowledge gathered in nonconventional study spaces. Along with her partner and their five children, she spent 10 remarkable and formative years living and working in The Gambia. Now based in London, she works in private practice, and as a school counsellor, and as creator and facilitator of various group writing spaces. Foluke has an MSc in Creative writing for Therapeutic purposes (CWTP). Her work engages therapeutics, poetics, and activism as dynamically interconnected experiments in being and living otherwise, that support wellbeing in racialised and marginalised people. She has contributed to and participated in several of artist Barby Asante’s performance installations ‘Declaration of Independence’, in Britain and Europe. Currently, she teaches on trauma at NAOS Institute, and on CWTP within the faculty of Applied Social and Organisational Sciences at the Metanoia Institute. Recent publications include a bio-mythography How the Hiding Seek (2018), and As Much Space as We Can Imagine: Black Presence in Counselling and Psychotherapy (2019). She has contributed a chapter to What is Normal? to be published by Confer in November 2020 and is currently completing a book on the development of a Black therapist’s praxis for PCCS Books.



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