Penny Garner

Penny Garner began working at Burford Hospital in 1990, setting up a project known as SPECAL, building up a small, passionate team working alongside the NHS until the hospital closed in 2000. Penny’s work began as a direct result of her earlier experience gained whilst caring for her mother. She then launched SPECAL as an independent charity based in the old community hospital in 2002, with the aim of promoting lifelong well-being for people with dementia. Penny has been responsible for developing and refining the SPECAL method of managing dementia, underpinned by the Photograph Album – an accessible tool to explain how memory works, the impact of ageing and a significant change introduced by dementia. Penny now lectures both at home and abroad and is currently developing a full Practitioner Training Programme to ensure her knowledge, skills and experience are passed onto others for the future.


Past and Current Confer Events


Space in Mind
Monday evenings 18 January – 21 March 2016