Dr Daniel Glaser

Daniel Glaser is an imaging neuroscientist and Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, University College London. He uses FMRI (functional magnetic resonance imaging) to examine human brain function. He is currently Head of Special Project in Public Engagement at the Wellcome Trust. He was the first Scientist in Residence at the ICA, and is a founder member of the International Neuro-Psychoanalysis Society.

He has made numerous appearances on national and local radio and has featured in articles in daily newspapers and on the Internet. He chairs the ICA’s Cafe Scientifique which is the London branch of a national series providing a new way for scientists to interact with a general public.


http://www.neuropsa.org.uk /


Past and Current Confer Events


Brain Mapping
A 2-day conference. How does our current understanding of neuropsychology lead us to good psychotherapy practice?
Friday 26 November 2010

Taking Our Time: How Long Does it Take for Psychological Change to Occur?
Saturday 24 January 2009

The Practitioner’s Body
Friday 4 & Saturday 5 April 2008