Mary Haley

Mary Haley

Mary Haley is Head of Psychotherapy at HMP Grendon’s Democratic Therapeutic Community. She has been a psychotherapist for over fourteen years, and has spent much of that time working within prisons. Her main areas of interest are Personality Disorder and Attachment Theory, both areas being highly relevant for forensic populations. She has written chapters in books on the treatment of offenders using attachment within a prison setting. Prior to changing career into psychotherapy, Mary was a prison governor grade for over 17 years and has worked in both operational and policy making roles including Head of Prison Management Training and Head of Operational Training and been in advisory roles to the Drug Strategy Unit and Women’s Policy Unit in the Prison Service. She has recently joined the committee for the Perrie Lectures, an organisation which promotes the building of knowledge about criminal justice matters.


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Vulnerability and Gang Life: Therapeutic Perspectives
Saturday 2 February 2019


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