Professor Robert Hinshelwood

Robert Hinshelwood is a psychoanalyst, and Professor of Psychoanalytic Studies at the University of Essex. He has been a prolific writer for the last 35 years, whose wide-ranging work covers clinical and theoretical psychoanalysis as well as the application of psychoanalytic thinking to other fields, especially groups, organisations and social science. He founded three journals, the International Journal of Therapeutic Communities (now: Therapeutic Communities) in 1980 and the British Journal of Psychotherapy in 1984, both of which he edited for some years, and Psychoanalysis and History in 1998. Formerly a doctor, Professor Hinshelwood was originally drawn to the anti-psychiatry movement, with figures such as RD Laing and David Cooper who challenged orthodox psychiatry. Fascinated by Bion’s work on groups and Menzies-Lyth’s on social systems, he became interested in the dynamics of groups and their application for psychiatry in therapeutic communities. His wish to understand psychosis better was a motivation to enter into psychoanalytic training and to choose a Kleinian approach. For a full list of his works please go to:



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