Dr Justine Huxley

Justine is the Director of St Ethelburga’s Centre for Reconciliation and Peace where she has worked for over 10 years. St Ethelburga’s work is about enabling people from diverse backgrounds to collaborate across differences to build a global culture of peace. It works with leadership, particularly in the younger generation, with sacred activism, spiritual ecology, community reconciliation, and with refugees. St Ethelburga’s programmes call us to reconnect with our deepest values and sense of meaning, and to co-create action in the world that comes from that place.

Justine has a PhD in psychology and also spent 5 years on the trading floor of a City investment bank – an invaluable spiritual boot camp which taught her how to remain rooted in the Real when in the midst of consumerist greed and power games. She has a passion for bringing people together from different backgrounds and co-creating projects that speak to the needs of the time. She brings a wealth of experience in deep listening, facilitation, and working with emergent process.

She sees spiritual ecology as key to the regeneration that is needed at this time of global crisis. “It is a privilege to be able to share this work through St Ethelburga’s, and be inspired by many others around the world. For me, spiritual ecology is about finding our own unique way to fall in love with the Earth again, allow that love to change us from the inside out, and to call forth practical action that comes from a deeper more transformative place.”

Justine belongs to a Sufi Order and has been leading meditation and dreamwork groups in London for over 15 years. Her understanding of the Earth as sacred, her experience of interconnectedness, and the particular spiritual ecology practices she has adopted in her daily life, all emerge from the Sufi tradition.


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Transpersonal Narratives in Eco-Psychology
Friday 24, Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 November 2017


Danielle Knafo and Rocco Lo Bosco (2020) Confer


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