Dr Marianne Eberhard-Kaechele

Dr Marianne Eberhard-Kaechele, a Dance/Expressive Arts Therapist is a lecturer and researcher at the German Sports University Cologne, Institute of Clinical Movement Science and Health Promotion, Department of Neurology, Psychosomatics and Psychiatry. She is registered as a trainer and supervisor by the German National Association for Dance Therapy and holder of the European Certificate of Psychotherapy. She co-edits the journal for body psychotherapy and arts therapies “Körper-tanz-bewegung” and is vice-president of the German Association for Arts Therapies. Her current research foci are trauma intervention, interpersonal coordination, mentalization, embodiment, metaphor and their implications for clinical practice. With over 30 years of clinical experience she now has her own practice with trauma, personality disorders, affective disorders, psychosomatics and eating disorders.


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When Words Are Not Enough
Saturday 8 October 2016