Dr David Lukoff

Dr David Lukoff

David Lukoff is a Professor Emeritus of Psychology at Sofia University in Palo Alto, California, and a licensed psychologist in California whose areas of expertise include spiritual issues in clinical practice, treatment of psychotic disorders, and ethnic and on cultural issues that affect utilization of mental health services. He is author or coauthor of 80 articles and chapters on spiritual issues in mental health services, one of which won the Exemplary Paper award from the Templeton Foundation. He is co-author of the DSM-IV category Religious or Spiritual Problem.

He has served on the faculties of Harvard, UCLA, Oxnard College, California Institute of Integral Studies, and Saybrook, and been an active workshop presenter providing training for psychologists in spiritual competencies in areas such as loss and grief, death and illness, spiritual problems and crises in programs in Japan, Mexico, Canada, Brazil, Russia, Romania, Portugal, France, Sweden, Scotland, Ireland, Austria, Lithuania, Kyrgyzstan, Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Moldova, and England.


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