Dr Giuliana Mieli

Giuliana Mieli, PhD, DClinPsy and psychoanalytic psychotherapist, after working in the first Mental Health Community Services in the 1970s, has been a consultant for 28 years in maternity wards in the National Health Service in Italy. Aside from clinical practice, she has dedicated herself to the psycho-education of medical and paramedical staff in Local Health Centres, and to training and supervising freshly graduated clinical psychologists, psychotherapy trainees as well as teachers, social workers, body therapist and other health professionals. Her papers and contributions have appeared in several publications and she is the author of “Il bambino non e un elettrodomestico” (2008), available in English with the title “Do Mothers Dream of Electric Babies?” (Routledge, 2018). She currently lives and works in Florence.


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Pre and Perinatal Emotional Health
Saturday 8 December 2018