Dr Carine Minne

Dr Carine Minne

Dr Carine Minne has worked in NHS mental health settings for over 30 years and in particular, forensic psychiatry settings due to her special interest in working with mentally disordered offender patients. She trained as a forensic psychiatrist and psychoanalyst and brings these two specialties together in her work at the Portman Clinic and the high security hospital of Broadmoor, where she has been Consultant Psychiatrist in Forensic Psychotherapy for 20 years. One of her main interests is the provision of essential long-term therapeutic interventions for these patients due to the chronicity and deeply engrained nature of their damaged mental structures as a result of very early traumas, and how to convince policy makers and commissioners of this need. She is also committed to her work with Paul Kassman, designer of Changing the Game, a therapeutic intervention for gang members (90% BME in London) and the importance of knowledge of race and cultural issues in psychotherapy, an area of neglect in psychotherapy trainings and practice here.

She is Vice Chair of the Loudoun Trust, a charity that works for the improvement of Child Protection from abuse. She trains, teaches and supervises junior doctors, professionals from different disciplines within mental health organisations. She is also involved in training Probation Officers and is the Mental Health lecturer for the Police Chiefs’ Strategic Command Course. She has published papers and chapters in a number of books and lectures nationally and internationally.

She is currently vice-president of the IAFP (International Association for Forensic Psychotherapy) and will refer to the conference in Belfast she is currently organising on the retrospectively relevant theme of Walls: Protection and Provocation.


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