Rev Peter Owen-Jones

Peter Owen-Jones is an English Anglican priest, author and television presenter. In his late 20s and with a wife and two children, he gave up his commercial life to follow a calling to the Anglican ordained ministry by enrolling at Ridley Hall, Cambridge. In early 1996 he gained notoriety when he conducted a service for the Newbury bypass protestors.

In 1998, he was responsible for three parishes in Cambridgeshire before resigning from this position in 2005 to relocate to the benefice of Glynde, West Firle and Beddingham. He was recruited by the BBC to front a series of religious television programmes looking at different aspects of Christianity and other faiths.

In his BBC documentary How to Live a Simple Life (2009), Owen-Jones tried to live a life without money in the footsteps of Saint Francis of Assisi. His 2010 documentary, The Lost Gospels, discussed the Apocryphal Gospels which were omitted from the canon of the New Testament. He considered how their contents might have altered Christian theology if they had not been suppressed.


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