Paul Harris

Paul Harris is an Integrative (Somatic Arts) Psychotherapist (MA UKCP) & Supervisor, trained at the Institute for Arts in Therapy and Education where he is a member of faculty. He maintains a busy private practice working with children, adults, families and groups, specializing in developmental trauma, addiction, sexuality and transpersonal issues. His interest in the somatic traditions began with Hatha yoga in the mid 90’s as part of his own healing journey. Thereafter, he undertook a bio-energetic analysis alongside his psychotherapeutic training. Neo-Reichian concepts in working with trauma are central therefore to his practice. Paul has also completed a training in EMDR and is affiliated to the work of Emily Conrad as a Continuum Movement Practitioner. Paul trained as a yoga teacher both in Europe, (2001-2005) and in India, (2007). More recently he has graduated from the Minded Institute as a Yoga Therapist. He values the work of a number of teachers and traditions and seeks to integrate his understanding of yoga philosophy and practice within his psychotherapeutic frame.

He is particularly interested in cross-cultural traditions of embodiment and mindfulness and is passionate about promoting self-care within the helping professions, work that he has been able to develop as a visiting lecturer at the School for Community and Health Sciences at City University, St. Bartholomew’s and the Royal London Hospital.

Paul teaches a weekly class in Integrative Hatha Yoga at the Synchronicity Studios in London, SW9 and runs annual retreats designed for wellbeing and personal development, including meditation, yoga asana, creative arts workshops and nature-based activities.

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