Dr Merav Roth

Dr Merav Roth

Merav Roth (PhD) is a clinical psychologist and a training psychoanalyst at the Israeli psychoanalytic society. She is a researcher of Hermeneutics and culture, focusing mainly on the interdisciplinary link of psychoanalysis and literature. She is the chair of the psychotherapy program, Sackler school of Medicine, Tel-Aviv University, and the former chair of the interdisciplinary Doctoral program in psychoanalysis and the former founder and chair of the post graduate Klein studies, both at the psychotherapy program, [Sackler school of Medicine,] Tel-Aviv University. Roth published various chapters in books and papers (both in English and in Hebrew) on psychoanalysis, literature and trauma.

Among her recent publications:

Roth, M. (2020). Reading the Reader – A psychoanalytic perspective on literature. London & New York: Routledge.

Roth, M. & Durban, J. (2013). Eds and authors of Preface and introductions of Melanie Klein – Essential Papers Vol II, Tel-Aviv: Book-Worm.

Chapters in books:

Roth, M. (2017). “The internal witness and the transformational power of reading literature”. In: Not knowing, knowing, not knowing, edited by Mira Erlich Ginor, Fischrift in honor of Shmuel Erlich, NY: International Psychoanalytic Books.

Roth, M. (2016). “The restorative power of reading literature: from evil to dialectics” in: Talking about Evil – Psychoanalytic, Social, and Cultural Perspectives, Edited by Rina Lazar, Routledge, London and New-York, pp181-189.


Roth, M. (2020). Transference in the time of Corona. In: IPA Corvid-19 papers and articles.

Roth, M. (2018) “True Love as the Love of Truth.” In: Psychoanalytic Perspectives, Vol 15, No. 2, pp. 186-198.

Roth, M. (2017). “Projective identification and relatedness – A Kleinian perspective” in: Psychoanalytic Perspectives, 14: 350-355.


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