Laurie Slade

Laurie Slade

Laurie Slade is a member of the Guild of Psychotherapists, the Confederation for Analytical Psychology, and the International Association for the Study of Dreams. He practiced for 30 years as a psychoanalytic psychotherapist, and continues to act as a creative consultant. He has been involved in social dreaming since 2001, hosting sessions in a variety of settings, in the UK and internationally, including open-access events for Tate Modern (2017) and the Barbican (2019). He is a tutor on the 2019/20 training programme run by Social Dreaming International Network. His paper Renewing the Land – the Dreaming Mind in Community was recently published in Social Dreaming – Philosophy, Practice, Theory and Research (Routledge – 2019).


Past and Current Confer Events

Queering Psychotherapy
Saturday 22 June 2019 - London
The Therapeutic Frame: Is it Central to the Cure?
Saturday 14 December 2019 - London


Working with High Intensity States of Consciousness
Saturday 15 December 2018

Desire in the Consulting Room
Saturday 4 November 2017

Saturday 1 July 2017

The Landscapes of Grief
Saturday 6 May 2017

Where are the Boundaries of Self and Other?
Saturday 14 May 2016

Shamanic Approaches in Modern Psychotherapy
Saturday 9 April 2016

Love Sick
Saturday 11 March 2017

Working with the Dreaming Mind
Saturday 30 January 2016

The Intuitive Psychotherapist
Friday 29 and Saturday 30 June 2012 – London

The Practitioner’s Body
Friday 4 & Saturday 5 April 2008

Spiritual Narratives and Psychological Therapies II
Friday 30 & Saturday 31 May 2008

Landscapes of The Mind
Friday 25 – Sunday 27 September 2009

The Big Idea
Friday 5 (evening) and Saturday 6 March 2010


Danielle Knafo and Rocco Lo Bosco (2020) Confer


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