Kate Thompson

Kate Thompson is Head of Strategic Development and Project Lead for Couple Therapy for Depression Training nationally at Tavistock Relationships. She is currently supervising the Parents as Partners and Safer Families Project working with violent couples. As a couple psychotherapist she has worked in a service using mentalisation techniques for couples in dispute (see Thompson, K. (2016). Record of a service using mentalisation-based therapy – parenting together to help resolve entrenched conflict between separated parents over their children, with particular emphasis on the impact of the work on the therapist. Seen and Heard, 26).

Kate has written and created trainings around the impact of unemployment on couples. Her specialist interests include working with couples and mental ill health and running groups for couples with a child on the autism spectrum. She is a regular contributor to Couple and Family Psychoanalysis and has written widely on the uptake of Couple Therapy for Depression within the NHS, as well as a series of popular blogs on relationship matters for Open University Press.


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Toxic Couples in Therapy
Saturday 23 June 2018



Allan N. Schore, PhD (2019) Right Brain Psychotherapy W.W.Norton


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