Steve Thorp

Steve Thorp

Steve Thorp is a poet and therapist living and working in Pembrokeshire – with links to Oxfordshire where he still does some school counselling work and where his two young granddaughters live. As a therapist and teacher he is particularly concerned with the challenges of the climate emergency – and related ecological and social crises – and the need for us to develop ‘tools for troubled times’.

Over the last few years, Steve been involved with the Dark Mountain Project, Spiritual Companions Trust, Ecopsychology Networks, Climate Psychology Alliance and Campfire Convention. He is a writer whose publications include Soul Manifestos and Pieces of Joy, PoetryMix 1-4 (a new set of pamphlets), and Blue Marble: an eco-poem about the Earth and what we humans have done to it, which he will be reading at the conference.


Past and Current Confer Events

Children and the Climate Crisis
Friday 1 (eve) and Saturday 2 May 2020 - London