Dr Rosalind Watts

Dr Rosalind Watts is the clinical lead of the Imperial College London Psilocybin for Depression study. She trained as a clinical psychologist and practised psychotherapy for 6 years before joining the Imperial team as a therapist ‘trip sitter’.

Her current work includes developing psychedelic therapy protocols and training therapists.Rosalind co-founded and co-facilitates a monthly ‘integration’ therapy group for people who are attending ayahuasca ceremonies for therapeutic purposes.

She is committed to improving public awareness of the safety and therapeutic potential of properly administered psychedelics, and gives regular talks on this subject. She has appeared in a number of podcasts, documentaries and news programmes.


Past and Current Confer Events


The Use of Psychedelics in Psychotherapy
Saturday 2 March 2019



Mary-Jayne Rust (2020) Towards an Ecopsychotherapy Kindle Edition Confer


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