Dr Alexandra Dent

Dr Alexandra Dent

Dr Alexandra Dent is a Registered and Chartered Clinical Psychologist, Company Director of Alexandra Dent Psychological Services Ltd and has been working with individuals across the age span for over 23 years. She has worked in academia, the NHS and since 2011 she has run her own successful Independent Clinical Practice in the East Midlands, UK. Her particular areas of interest include trauma, attachment work, mindfulness and spirituality. Alexandra is an active member of the EMDR community and is a Europe Accredited EMDR Child & Adolescent Consultant, EMDR Consultant and Training Facilitator. She is current Chair of the UK & Ireland Child & Adolescent EMDR Committee, which includes being a member of the Europe Child & Adolescent EMDR Committee. Alexandra is also the founder of Heart Led Psychotherapy, a new spiritually informed psychotherapy that guides individuals to start mindfully living through their heart and soul so that they can embrace self-love and experience a more authentic life that is freer from pain and suffering. She has written a book entitled ‘Using Spirituality in Psychotherapy: The Heart Led Approach to Clinical Practice’ (2019) and has also started working as a spiritual coach, supporting others on their spiritual journey and awakening process.


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