Sakhile’s Mpofu

Sakhile’s Mpofu – Having trained and taught in one of the foremost deprived areas in Birmingham, Sakhile Mpofu’s experience at this interface between education and social mobility motivated his launching of Tipe (Trauma-Informed Practice Environments) in August 2018. Previously studying Neuro and Behavioural Sciences, Sakhile’s time teaching fostered a much deeper appreciation of the significant role broad aspects of the two played in ultimately governing CYP’s capacity to learn, and moreover, engage productively with education institutions, if at all. Cultivating an appreciation as such alongside practically demonstrating the benefits environments working in this way exercise on the outcomes of their CYP, are thus the inherent drivers of Tipe’s tile programme (Trauma-Informed Learning Environments). To date, tile has and continues to be deployed to glowing effect in a number of London Borough’s, with more being done with collaborators to stamp the necessity of this type of practice


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