Simon Partridge

Simon Partridge is a disillusioned ex-analysand and a freelance writer [he’s a regular contributor to the Attachment journal published by The Bowlby Centre, London], and researcher. He has covered: community-controlled local broadcasting; devolved politics; the British-Irish conflict; ethno-cultural mingling across our Isles; the psycho-biological consequences of UK upper-class child rearing with its nannies and boarding schools; inter-generational war trauma; and developmental trauma/Complex-PTSD. He sees himself as a boarding school and Complex-PTSD survivor and advocate. He is currently involved in a major conference project to raise the awareness of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) across Greater London as a geo-political community, scheduled for 2020.


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Allan N. Schore, PhD (2019) Right Brain Psychotherapy W.W.Norton


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