The year 2019 has proved to be full of landmarks in the world of psychotherapeutic and psychoanalytical publishing.

First and foremost, we must record, with sadness, the passing of Cesare Sacerdoti, who died on 3 March, 2019, at the age of eighty-one years.  Sacerdoti served for many years as the owner and publisher of H. Karnac Books Limited, retiring from active service exactly twenty years ago, in 1999. During his tenure, Cesare expanded upon the foundational work of his predecessor, Harry Karnac, and developed Karnac Books from a small shop on London’s Gloucester Road, with a tiny division devoted to the reprinting of classic psychoanalytical titles, to a major force within psychological publishing.  I owe Cesare Sacerdoti a particular debt of gratitude for having commissioned my very first books. All authors who had the privilege of having worked with Cesare will remember him fondly as a passionate scholar and as a true gentleman.

Also, throughout 2019, the world of psychoanalytical publishing has continued to flourish.  Routledge / Taylor and Francis has produced over 200 psychotherapy-related titles during the past calendar year, and other stalwart publishers in the field, such as Jessica Kingsley Publishers and Sage Publications, have continued to make important contributions.  Newer imprints such as the revived Free Association Books, as well as Phoenix Publishing House, and Trigger Press, have also contributed beautifully produced volumes to our field.

Most excitingly, Confer – the world’s leading continuing professional education service – has recently launched its own publishing division, Confer Books.  The very first titles will appear in the springtime of 2020, written by some of the world’s leading mental health practitioners.

Thus, we have no shortage of great books on psychotherapy and psychoanalysis – an indication of the growth in popularity of our field, now in its third century!

For those who, like me, suffer from advanced bibliophilia psychotherapeutica, it gives me pleasure to highlight ten of the books that have particularly captured my attention, among the many fine works which have graced our shelves during this calendar year.


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