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Do you have an innovative way of working, a new book or area of research you feel might benefit from discussion and collegial collaboration? If so come to these Friday evening gatherings where you can present theories and ideas or listen to others in a lively chaired discussion followed by drinks and music.

Friday 7 February 2020 – Janice Hiller

A Cafe Psy discussion, led by Janice Hiller, on Arousal, Kissing and Intimacy: A neuropsychosexual approach
Developing and maintaining an intimate relationship is often a driving force throughout life, combining intense joy and huge disappointment. As a relationship progresses we go through different stages, underpinned by brain states that neuroscientists have begun to explore in recent years. Arousal and attraction is now a topic for research, using new brain scanning techniques and measuring hormone levels circulating in the blood. Much remains to be uncovered a