Ecopsychotherapy and the Emerging Adolescent Mind

A Certificate or Diploma in Eco-psychotherapy and the Emerging Adolescent Mind

A Systemic Integration of Our Relationship with Nature into Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy Practice

A course for post-qualified child psychotherapists, systemic psychotherapists, child psychologists and child psychiatrists

Saturday 5 February 2022 – Sunday 25 September 2022

This programme offers a qualification in contemporary approaches to integrating eco-psychotherapy into psychotherapeutic work with young people. Based on theoretical foundations of child psychotherapy, immersive experiential contact with the wild, and a foundation in eco-psychology, it is focused on understanding the impact of nature upon the mental health of young people and ways to facilitate those connections.






Course Director: Roger Duncan

Course Assistant Director: Dr Catriona Mellor

Facilitators & Tutors

Amrita Bhohi, Spiritual ecologist
Marie Helene Dalila Boyle, psychotherapist, ceremonialist and nature therapist
Karen Carberry, Consultant Family Therapist & Systemic Supervisor, Co-editor The International Handbook of Black Community Mental Health.
Roger Duncan, Family, Systemic and Eco-psychotherapist author of Nature in Mind
Max Girardeau, Co-Director of The Visionaries
Andy Hardie, Senior Therapist (Venture Mor)
Tilly, Senior Field Guide (Venture Mor)
Alexandra Hatfield, vision fast guide and Co-Founder of Wildrites)
Caroline Hickman, Psychotherapist and Senior Lecturer in Social Studies University of Bath
Jon Keen, vision fast guide and Co-Founder of (Wildrites)
Alan Kellas, Consultant Psychiatrist and Greencare lead for the Royal College of Psychiatrists
Mel McCree, Ecological artist and forest school educator
Dr Catriona Mellor, Child and adolescent psychiatrist
Graham Music, Author and consultant child and adolescent psychotherapist