Dr Carine Minne

In this talk there will be a brief introduction to forensic psychiatry settings, the Criminal Justice System and how these can interact. Some individuals suffering from mental disorders can end up involved in both systems. This talk will focus on the most prevalent disorders seen within these settings and suffered by the individuals. There is often a division and indeed, segregation, made between those suffering from psychoses and those suffering from personality disorders with dual and indeed triple diagnoses being made. Carine will describe the helpfulness of using a single entity diagnostic approach, illustrating the psychopathological presence of several features, some times more manifestly psychotic and at other times more manifestly personality disordered. An emphasis on the aetiological factors, particularly early environmental traumas, will be made. Many of the presenting features can evoke strong responses in others, which can influence the management and treatment of the patients and these will be referred to. There will be descriptions of the multi-disciplinary treatment approaches with special focus on the role of psychoanalytical psychotherapy.

About the Speaker

Dr Carine Minne has worked in NHS mental health settings for over 30 years and in particular, forensic psychiatry settings due to her special interest in working with mentally disordered offender patients. She trained as a forensic psychiatrist and psychoanalyst and brings these two specialties together in her work at the Portman Clinic and the high security hospital of Broadmoor, where she has been Consultant Psychiatrist in Forensic Psychotherapy for 20 years.