Dr Richard Sherry

In his lecture on PTSD Dr Sherry will take 20 years plus of expertise within the field of psychological traumatology that has literally taken him around the world and across multiple fields of training.

His psychological traumatology work has evolved from his seven years treating traumatized soldiers when he headed the Clinical Psychology section for US Military inpatients for Europe. As a Consultant Clinical Psychologist with neuropsychology training, he is a specialist in traumatology (ESTSS Cert and an EMDR Consultant), a licensed Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist (BPC Reg.); he will take these expert insights to shed light on this diagnosable condition from the assessment and treatment across modalities. Much of his work has looked at extreme environments including gender based violence (GBV) and genocide as well as this he did his ethics training focused on re-examining the core ethical approaches within a disaster.

In this lecture Dr Sherry will cover some of the history of what PTSD is, the assessment and diagnostic issues, including from a psychoanalytic vantage point, and the treatment issues including some of the innovations with very low resource environments. Much of his focus on PTSD will examine the question of identity and how can we transform issues of instability through expert leadership to create profound well-being.

About the Speaker

Dr Richard Sherry is founder and Clinical Director for Psychological Systems Ltd, which is a company that works with psychological assessment and treatment (www.psychologicalsystems.org). He is a Consultant Chartered Clinical Psychologist. He is a BPC registered Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist. He has specialist training in Neuropsychology, Psychological Traumatology, Ethics, and Military Psychology.