Alexandra Richman

The seminar covers the key diagnostic issues in identifying traumatic experiences that are rooted in childhood and differentiating these from traumas experienced by otherwise healthy adults that may result in PTSD and a disruption in their self-reflective functioning. The seminar considers implications for planning an appropriate treatment strategy and is illustrated with case material. Â

Video lecture with captions (part 1) – 47 mins

Treatment approaches for complex PTSD and simple PTSD in the otherwise healthy adult – PART 2

This lecture considers implications and differences in planning an appropriate treatment strategy for people with single incident PTSD and complex PTSD. Illustrated with case material.

Video lecture with captions (part 3) – 45 mins

About the Speaker

Alexandra Richman is an accredited trainer and accredited consultant in EMDR. Her trainings are fully approved by the EMDR International Association and EMDR-Europe Association. She was trained by Dr Francine Shapiro, the founder of EMDR, and has used EMDR in her own practice for over 18 years.