Dr Phil Mollon

Energy psychology provides some helpful ways which can be used by both therapists and clients as self- care methods for maintaining energy boundaries, keeping our energy fields ‘clear’, balancing our energy systems and correcting energetic disorganisation, grounding our energy and for calming the energy and nervous systems. These simple, effective and easy to do exercises are usable at any point: during sessions, between sessions, and in life generally. Clients can learn them and use them as a form of self-regulation and overall, they provide a wonderful resource for reducing stress, regulating affect and enhancing ‘presence’.

About the Speaker

Phil Mollon PhD is a psychoanalyst and psychotherapist, with a background profession of clinical psychology. He has worked in the NHS for 35 years. The author of ten books, Dr Mollon has written and lectured widely on trauma, shame, narcissism, and Kohut’s self psychology.