Ruthie Smith

Energy Balancing Toolkit: The reliability of energy testing depends on the client and therapist having a balanced and correctly polarised energy system and being well hydrated. This toolkit video explains and demonstrates how to check for and correct energetic disorganisation and dehydration in both therapist and client. The video shows how to:

  • To check for and correct energy imbalance both vertically and horizontally.
  • To check for and correct dehydration.
  • Using particular energy methods to correct imbalance. Here the Medulla Under the Nose Hold, Cook’s Hook Up, Tapping just above the navel and Cross Lateral tapping are demonstrated (many additional methods are taught on the course – see also Self-Care Resources video).
  • The need for both therapist and client to drink plenty of water throughout sessions is emphasised, especially when doing a lot of energy testing and clearing.
About the Speaker

Ruthie Smith is a Psychoanalytic Attachment Based Psychotherapist and Energy Psychotherapist with 30 years’ experience in private practice and 10 years as a Principal Individual Psychotherapist and Supervisor in the NHS. She taught on a number of Psychotherapy Training Programmes before founding The Flame Centre in London where she specialises in trauma work and runs Flame residential retreats.