Ruthie Smith

In Toolkit 3 the issue of psycho-energetic reversals is discussed and demonstrated. John Diamond – a psychiatrist who used kinesiology – discovered that sometimes the body did not go in the direction of healing. He called this a ‘reversal of the body’s morality’ which some compare with Freud’s ‘death instinct’. Roger Callahan (developer of TFT) derived from this his term ‘Psychological Reversal’. In energy psychotherapy, working with psychological reversals is crucial since, unless psycho-energetic reversals are addressed in the energy system, energy clearing will have little effect. The energetic equivalent of ‘resistance’ and an aspect of the defence system, Hover-Kramer used the term ‘psycho-energetic’ reversals as being more accurate because it speaks of a psycho-energetic pattern held in the vibrational matrix. In other words, this is the energetic equivalent of what we recognise from our clinical experience as, for example, resistance or self-sabotage.  A ‘reversal’ often manifests as an unconscious core belief such as I don’t deserve to be well, which creates a blockage to ‘clearing’ a trauma or issue. The energy system is literally blocked and cannot move forward until the blockage is cleared.  The ‘Karate chop’ method for clearing reversals is demonstrated.

About the Speaker

Ruthie Smith is a Psychoanalytic Attachment Based Psychotherapist and Energy Psychotherapist with 30 years’ experience in private practice and 10 years as a Principal Individual Psychotherapist and Supervisor in the NHS. She taught on a number of Psychotherapy Training Programmes before founding The Flame Centre in London where she specialises in trauma work and runs Flame residential retreats.