Confer’s environmental policy


Learning in communities, meeting together and supporting each other’s work in groups is essential for the development of one’s clinical work. However, we are aware that conferences make an impact on the environment. In recognition of current concerns about global warming, Confer has developed a policy to help to reduce the ecological impact of our events.

What We Are Doing

We have begun by estimating the amount of carbon dioxide produce by Confer’s activities. This currently totals about 50 tonnes per year, and will be reviewed annually.

  • In partnership with the Woodland Trust we have planted over 1000 trees to help to sequester this CO2
  • Information about our events is available online and does not depend on printed materials
  • Confer’s brochures, envelopes and handouts are printed on recycled paper
  • The plastic sleeves in which we present conference notes are biodegradable
  • By offering online modules we are enabling you to hear international speakers with almost zero carbon emissions
  • We request our caterers to provide locally sourced, organic, non-GM food whenever possible
  • The Confer office is run on a green electricity tariff