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Frequently Asked Questions

Live webcasts

How do Confer webcasts work?2019-11-27T04:30:35+00:00

The video of the live event will be available to watch on our website, with no additional software or downloads necessary. After purchasing the ticket, you’ll be given a unique login to a password protected page on our website where the video will be shown (in real-time on the day and for 1 month after the event).

We’ll have a specialised AV team on-site at these specific events, making sure you get the benefit of high quality production, with good visual and sound quality.  You will of course also be able to view any slide presentations being shown.  Any supporting handouts, articles or book recommendations from the speakers will be made available to download or sent onto you once they are available.

After purchasing the ticket type, all you have to do is:

  • 1 – Keep your email booking confirmation handy.  This contains the direct link (URL) to the page where the video will be displayed.
  • 2 – On the day of the event (or during the 1 month window of access after) click this URL link…
  • 3 – Enter your personal login details (these will have been emailed to you once the purchase is complete).
  • 4 – You’ll then be taken directly to the specific event page, where the live (or recorded) video will be ready for you to watch.
  • NB – If you have any issues or questions, please email ‘’ or contact us on 0207 535 7595.
Will I be able to watch the event live in real-time?2019-11-27T04:32:54+00:00


Will I be able to interact if I’m watching online?2019-11-27T04:34:41+00:00

We plan to allow email question submissions from those watching online. These questions will then be collated and passed onto the chairperson during the discussion points during the event. Further interactivity isn’t yet possible, but we are investigating how to enhance the interactivity in future.

If I miss the live stream, can I still watch the event after the live event has finished? And if so for how long?2019-11-27T04:35:33+00:00

Yes, absolutely. The event recording will be available to watch for 1 month after the date of the original broadcast.

Do I need any special software / downloads available?2019-11-27T04:37:53+00:00

No, there’s no special software required. The (HTML5) video player will play through most modern browsers, without any additional software or plug-ins required.  We would however recommend that you have the latest version of your browser installed.

Use Of Modules

How long do I have access to the module for?2019-01-28T20:50:30+00:00

365 days. If you want to continue to access the content after that date you would need to re-subscribe.

How often can I watch the videos?2019-01-28T20:51:09+00:00

As often as you like.

Can I share the videos or other content with my students or colleagues?2019-07-16T17:53:17+01:00

In order to do so you would need an institutional account or teaching licence, which provides access to a group of people at a reduced fee per person.

Can I share files with friends?2019-01-28T20:52:21+00:00

No. That is not allowed within the terms and conditions of your contract with Confer.


I have added too many items to my basket. How can I remove them?2019-01-28T20:53:06+00:00

Click the remove button in the payment page

I want to open an institutional account. How do I do that?2019-07-16T17:54:22+01:00

Follow the link: BUY THIS MODULE. Next, select the option Institutional Account and follow the prompt ‘add to basket’. Update the quantity for one module per member of your group. We will then contact you to request their names and email addresses. Upon receipt of these we open an account for each person and supply them with a unique login password giving them complete access to the module for 365 days.

I am not in the UK and don’t have a postcode or zip. How should I fill in that part of the form?2019-01-28T20:54:28+00:00

Insert 3 zeros (000)