The Applications of Attachment Theory to Psychotherapy

Strongly Disagree Disagree Does Not Apply Agree Strongly Agree I am able to describe 3 types of insecure attachment style and their origins in corresponding early failures in caregivers' responsiveness I can conceptualise and describe the adult couple relationships in attachment terms, and able to map at least 3 of these terms onto my clinical work I am able to relate the theory of narrative coherence as a marker of secure or insecure attachment and to discuss how this relates to the task of psychotherapy I can discuss how we can apply knowledge of attachment patterns in the organisation of the [...]

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Authored by Henry Strick van Linschoten Ainsworth, M.D.S. (1964). Patterns of attachment behavior shown by the infant in interaction with his mother. Merrill-Palmer Quarterly of Behavior and Development 10:51-58. Ainsworth, M.D.S. & Bell, S.M. (1970). Attachment, exploration, and separation: Illustrated by the behavior of one-year-olds in a strange situation. Child Development 41: 49-67. Ainsworth, M.D.S., Bell, S.M. & Stayton, D.J. (1971). Individual differences in strange- situation behavior of one-year-olds. In H.R. Schaffer (Ed.) The Origins of Human Social Relations. New York: Academic Press. Ainsworth, M.D.S., Blehar, M.C., Waters, E. & Wall, S. (1978). Patterns of Attachment: A Psychological Study of the Strange Situation. Hillsdale, NJ: Erlbaum Press. [...]


Seminal writings

Authored by Henry Strick van Linschoten A few of the large number of references, which only touch the enormous basis of books, articles and websites devoted to attachment, are worth highlighting as next steps for a psychotherapist who, in addition to face to face professional development, would like to deepen their knowledge of attachment theory by reading. Out of all books, the first to read is Bowlby (1988), which has lost none of its vivid readability and practical relevance. A second book that it is hard to be without, despite its size and cost, is the Handbook of Attachment, Cassidy & Shaver (2008). [...]

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Cultural spaces and resources

Authored by Henry Strick van Linschoten Attachment theory sometimes seems to be everywhere, and yet it has few centres of focus, let alone cultural spaces, that explain, organise or further its popularity. The good side of that is that it shows how much the continued growth and vitality of the tradition are due to the power of its concepts, rather than to any degree of marketing, however understated. The bad side is that everyone can use the words of attachment theory - sometimes wildly incorrectly; that when there are controversies there is nobody to decide, or even to organise a debate [...]

Cultural spaces and resources