Controversy: the mind-body divide

Authored by Henry Strick van Linschoten Whether mind and body are separate or not is an ancient philosophical question that is addressed within the discipline of philosophy more commonly and appropriately than within neuroscience. In the context of neurobiology the problem is often seen as equivalent to the question of "mind and brain" or of "consciousness and brain", although the recent trend is away from that: the body is more than the brain, and the whole body plays a role in perceiving and interacting with its environment. Most biologists in the 21st century are "physicalist" or "materialist" monists, believing that mind [...]

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Some Historical Origins of Neurobiology

Authored by Henry Strick van Linschoten Please also refer to our TIMELINE: The historical development of neuroscience relevant to psychotherapy, which displays over 100 key scientific discoveries of relevance to psychotherapy Antiquity Humanity has been interested in ways to impact positively on the mind throughout recorded history, including trying to deal with mental problems with psychoactive substances, insight and talking. Going back to the earliest times, it is known that the Egyptians practised brain surgery. Thinking that the brain was the seat of human intelligence, Hippocrates developed a system for categorising mental disorders. Aristotle further organised the biological knowledge of his day believing [...]

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Scientific method and neurobiology

Authored by Henry Strick van Linschoten Working within the parameters of scientific method The papers in this module apply a concept of science that is restricted to natural causes, explanations and events, but includes the social sciences as science. The following points are intended to emphasise a number of probable truths about the scientific method and to counter widely held dogmas that may lead to false assumptions. Science and the scientific method are not clearly defined. There is no consensus, only many methods and approaches. There is agreement that tradition and authority are not scientific sources. Science is interpersonal, and has [...]

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