Confronting Mortal Threat

Confronting Mortal Threat - Unconscious Processes in the Face of Death

Dr Richard Gipps, Professor Paul Hoggett, Dr Merav Roth and Dr Estela Welldon – chaired by Anouchka Grose

Recorded Saturday 5 September 2020

As the pandemic has brought us all face to face with death, either in reality or in the imagination, we will be talking about how the mind negotiates this gross affront to our sense of survival. The sudden risk of catching a fatal illness brings out some extraordinary capacities, such as adaptation, connection, altruism, but it also amplifies the deepest fear we may have of ceasing to exist.




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Dr Richard Gipps
Being Philosophical About It

Professor Paul Hoggett questions Dr Richard Gipps

Audience Q&A

Dr Merav Roth
The Opportunity of the Uncanny – In Times of Corona and Online Treatment

Dr Richard Gipps questions Dr Merav Roth

Audience Q&A

Dr Estela Welldon
Facing Death

Dr Merav Roth questions Dr Estela Welldon

Audience Q&A

Professor Paul Hoggett
Staying with the Trouble

Anouchka Grose questions Professor Paul Hoggett

Audience Q&A

All speakers Q&A