Trauma and Dissociation Part 2 CPD Live Event Abstract

The Truth about Trauma and Dissociation; Part II

With Dr Valerie Sinason and discussants Zoe Hawton and Mark Linington

Recorded Saturday 10 July 2021

Valerie Sinason is a world leader in the study of traumatology and has pioneered some of the most difficult work in the field. In the first part of this presentation, she focuses on the clinical implications of extreme adverse childhood experiences, disorganised attachment and resulting dissociative identity disorders.

This webinar explores many of the issues outlined in her latest work, The Truth about Trauma and Dissociation: Everything You Didn’t Want to Know and Were Afraid to Ask.




Dissociative States of Mind
In this session, Valerie will describe different dissociative defense mechanisms, and why they may have arisen for specific patients. These will include derealisation, amnesia between different personality states (quaternary structural dissociation), and structural dissociation (primary and secondary).

Panel Discussion and Q&A

Dissociative Babies
This rarely discussed attachment disorder refers to a sub-section of attachment where the parent has suffered from infanticidal states of mind. Their babies can show splitting behaviour, such as clinging on for survival or dissociating, and as adults may have dissociative capacities which severely disrupt life. Such defenses have been needed for psychological survival and cannot be broken down. Rather, therapy involves the development of narratives which identify these self-states. We shall consider how.

Panel Discussion and Q&A

Organised Ritualistic Abuse and Structural Dissociation
Adding to the complexity of dissociative disorders, organised ritualistic abuse is frequently described as a key traumatic experience in those coming for treatment for DID. This refers to child and adult abuse in which spiritual ideas, religious or pseudo-religious beliefs are used to evoke extra fear and control of the victim. This can be associated with perpetrators’ production of child abuse materials for consumption. In this session, Valerie will talk about the psychological defense mechanism of structural dissociation and her clinical experience of working with this.

Panel Discussion and Q&A


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Dissociative States of Mind

Panel Discussion and Q&A

Dissociative Babies

Panel Discussion and Q&A

Organised Ritualistic Abuse and Structural Dissociation

Panel Discussion and Q&A