Silence and Space

Silence and Space

The Healing Power of Mindfulness in the Psychotherapy Session

Recorded Friday 18 June 2021

With Eugene Ellis, Siobhán McGee and Dr Maria Pozzi Monzo

CPD Credits: 4 hours

Mindfulness is simply the deliberate practice of paying attention to what one is feeling and thinking from moment to moment. Usually, the process involves observing the incoming and outgoing breath, noticing and releasing the thoughts and emotions that inevitably arise. As patterns of intrusive thoughts become clearer to identify, they reveal underlying anxieties and make these more manageable.

By repeatedly returning attention to the patterns of breath and the sensations surrounding these, the mindful practitioner is also reconnected to the body. This, in itself, has a calming and affect-regulating effect.




Opening meditation with Dr Maria Pozzi Monzo

Siobhán McGee
The power of presence and embodied relational mindfulness
Contemplative practice is at the heart of most spiritual and healing traditions. If presence is inherently healing, then how is mindfulness a bridge to depth awareness and transformation in the psychotherapeutic process? In this session, Siobhán will discuss the practice of Core Process Psychotherapy and mindfulness as a way of being for the therapist rather than a technique. This session will invite an enquiry into therapy as a subtle and interconnected process of ‘embodied relational mindfulness’ (Sills, M. 2009) in which we co-create an alchemical container for awareness, compassion and transformation to emerge.