COVID-19 Seminars

Couples In and Emerging from Lockdown

Therapy In The Time Of Covid-19

Recorded Monday 1 June 2020

This series of seminars examines the impact of the current Covid-19 crisis on individuals, couples and families through the eyes of practitioners as we navigate this unprecedented and surreal shift in our lives.

Our speakers will explore the emotional meanings of being in lockdown, the reforming of one’s sense of self within states of isolation, or in relationships with sudden intensified intimacy. As attachment issues become more acutely felt, where life-threatening levels of danger are encountered, where jobs have been lost, livelihoods disrupted, relationships frayed, loved ones lost, these enormous pressures on the psyche are inevitably a new focus of therapy.




Couples In and Emerging from Lockdown
Dr Christopher Clulow and Kate Thompson

Couple relationships form a bridge between the internal worlds of each partner and their external environment. As individuals they constitute an important part of their partner’s environment, and as a couple they are affected by the wider environment they inhabit. Threats from any of these sources affect the quality and stability of their relationship, both consciously and unconsciously. This seminar will consider the impact of Covid-19 on individuals and couples working in therapy remotely, exploring the lexicon of “lockdown” for its psychological significance, fears of contagion and threats to a relationship’s capacity to offer containment. The presenters will consider changes to the therapeutic relationship and frame when working remotely with couples and also the potential of therapy to help partners manage anxiety associated with the current pandemic.


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This pre-recorded webinar is 1.5 hours long.