Trauma Series Part 1

The Trauma Series Part I: Resilience, Dissociation, and the Body

Restoring Regulation, Balance, and a Sense of Self After Trauma

Recorded Saturday 2 October 2021

With Dr Ruth Lanius

CPD Credits: 3.5 hours

Developmentally traumatized people frequently feel estranged from their internal and external world. They often do not know where their body is in space, leaving them feeling clumsy, uncoordinated, and unable to engage in purposeful action/agency.

How can we combat such foundational difficulties resulting from developmental trauma in order to facilitate the individual to befriend their internal sensations and transform into an embodied, active agent in this world, who is capable of connecting with others through curiosity, language, and play?



Dr Ruth Lanius,


Trauma and the Vestibular/Balance System: Gateway to the Internal and External World
Session 1 will explore how the balance system of our brain plays a critical role in informing how we perceive our internal and external world, which is often profoundly affected by disrupted attachments, trauma, and dissociation. Individuals are frequently left feeling like ‘I am always on edge’, ‘I feel dead inside’, ‘I feel disconnected from my body’, ‘I don’t know where I am in space’, and ‘the world will never be safe again’. How can we befriend the internal world of our sensations to help transform the traumatized self into an active, embodied agent that perceives the world as a safe place worthy of exploration, trust and connection with others?


Transforming How We Perceive Our Internal and Ex