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Seminars, conferences and online resources for psychotherapists

Online Modules

Confer's Online Modules are packages of videoed talks, audio tracks, slides, texts and references contributed by leading theoreticians to support your work.

Synthesising ecology and psychotherapy in practice and theory

Online Module
So much psychotherapy takes place within the confines of a consulting room. But what happens when therapy takes place in a natural setting - or when the natural world is invited into the narrative of self and other? This module brings together the practices of ecology and psychotherapy to illustrate how engagement with nature, which includes ourselves, is a powerful transformative tool, both in itself and - potentially - when integrated into any therapeutic approach.

Guy Dargert, Caroline Frizell, Jo Hamilton, Dr Adrian Harris, Professor Paul Hoggett, Chris Johnstone, Kamalamani, Paul Maiteny, George Marshall, Hayley Marshall, Rosemary Randall, Professor Chris Rapley, Mary-Jayne Rust, Nick Totton, Dr Maggie Turp, Sally Weintrobe, Joanna Wise

CPD value: 16 hours
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Forensic Psychotherapy: Pathologies and Treatment Strategies for working with Violence

Online Module
The subject of this online module is the psychotherapeutic treatment of violent offenders and those with abusive tendencies or fantasies. Through 14 hours of videos, audio tracks and papers, we aim to illuminate why human beings can be dangerous, murderous or perverse, and how such tendencies can be psychotherapeutically treated.

Dr Jamie Bennett, Dr Ronald Doctor, Dr Sandra M Grant, Mary Haley, Professor Brett Kahr, The late Professor Gill McGauley, Ms Anna Motz, Dr Adah Sachs, Richard Shuker, Dr Celia Taylor, Dr Estela Welldon, Dr Jessica Yakeley.

CPD value: 14 hours
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Embodied Approaches to Psychotherapy

Online Module
This new collection of videos and papers brings together the work of an extraordinarily diverse and talented group of psychotherapists - from psychoanalysts to body psychotherapists - who see the body as central to the therapeutic process.

Julianne Appel-Opper, Shoshi Asheri, Bill Cornell, Morit Heitzler, Dr Pat Ogden, Dr Susie Orbach, Dr Asaf Rolef Ben-Shahar, Dr Yorai Sella, Jon Sletvold, Michael Soth, Dr Kathrin Stauffer, Nick Totton.

CPD value: 16 hours
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Neurobiology and its Applications to Psychotherapy - II

Online Module
This combination of videos, audio tracks, papers and references provides 12 hours of recorded presentations plus notes, papers and research resources on the subject of neurobiology when applied to the practice of psychotherapy.

Lucy Biven, Dr Nessa Carey, Dr Ruth Lanius, Dr Dianne Lefevre, Dr Dan Siegel, Professor Mark Solms, Dr Sharon Stanley, Professor Oliver Turnbull, Dr Alan Watkins.

CPD value: 14 hours
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The Applications of Attachment Theory to Psychotherapy

Online Module
This package of online presentations provides over 14.5 hours of new videos plus additional resources on the subject of applying attachment theory to clinical expertise.

Dr Christopher Clulow, Linda Cundy, Dr Sarah Ingrid Daniel, Professor Pasco Fearon, Tirril Harris, Professor Jeremy Holmes, Dr Dan Hughes, Dr Frank Lachmann, Dr Mario Marrone, Paul Renn, Dr Daniela Sieff, Professor Miriam Steele, Dr David Wallin, Kate White.

CPD value: 20.5 hours
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Advances in Relational Psychotherapy

Online Module
The vast influence of Relational Psychoanalysis in the last 25 years has evolved into one of the most significant paradigm shifts in the field, impacting on almost every psychotherapy modality. This package offers a set of videoed talks on relational theory and practice, presented by some of most influential author-practitioners, and is designed to illustrate relational theory as it is applied to clinical technique.

Dr Neil Altman, Shoshi Asheri, Dr Jessica Benjamin, Dr Doris Brothers, Roz Carroll, Dr Muriel Dimen, Professor Maria Gilbert, Dr Adrienne Harris, Dr Nancy McWilliams, Dr Jeremy Safran, Professor Andrew Samuels, Dr Donnel Stern, Dr David Wallin

CPD value: 20.5 hours
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Psychotherapeutic Work with Intergenerational Trauma

Online Module
This package of online presentations provides 10 hours of new videos plus additional resources on the subject of working with the psychological effects of intergenerational trauma. We are delighted to be hosting these internationally distinguished author-clinicians as our presenters:

Dr Pamela Alexander, Dr Aileen Alleyne, Dr Doris Brothers, Prophecy Coles, Dr Françoise Davoine, Dr Dori Laub, Dr Isha Mckenzie-Mavinga, Dr Clara Mucci, Professor Franz Ruppert, Lennox Thomas, Maya Jacobs-Wallfisch and Dr Estela Welldon.

CPD value: 20 hours
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Neurobiology and its Applications to Psychotherapy

Online Module
This combination of videos, audio tracks, papers and references provides 18 hours of recorded presentations plus notes, new papers and research resources on the subject of neurobiology when applied to the practice of psychotherapy.

Lucy Biven, Dr Mona DeKoven Fishbane, Professor Vittorio Gallese, Dr Jean Knox, Dr Ruth Lanius, Dr Terry Marks-Tarlow, Dr Iain McGilchrist, Dr Jaak Panksepp, Professor Stephen Porges, Dr Allan Schore, Dr Dan Siegel, Professor Mark Solms, Dr Alan Watkins, Dr Felicity de Zulueta.

CPD value: 21.5 hours
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Trauma and Dissociation

Online Module
This combination of videos, audio tracks, papers and references provides 16.5 hours of recorded presentations plus notes, new papers and research resources on the subject of psychotherapeutic work with trauma and dissociation.

Rémy Aquarone, Dr Philip Bromberg, Dr Doris Brothers, Dr Onno Van Der Hart, Professor Brett Kahr, Dr Jean Knox, Dr Isha Mckenzie-Mavinga, Dr Pat Ogden, Alexandra Richman, Dr Allan Schore, Dr Daniel Siegel, Dr Valerie Sinason, Dr Donnel Stern and Dr Felicity de Zulueta.

CPD value: 20.5 hours
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Online Events

Learning from Life: the acquisition of psychoanalytic wisdom

Patrick Casement
3 video lectures

In his fourth and most personal book Learning from Life Patrick Casement gives us a fascinating insight into fundamental questions concerning the acquisition of analytic wisdom and how personal experiences shape the analyst's approach to clinical work. In this 3-part seminar he talks to us about how the psychoanalytic self comes into being, and how our own emotional truths consciously or unconsciously shape our work. These presentations will have a fresh and emergent quality that cannot be summarised in abstracts. Participants can expect to hear inspiring, personal insights that illuminate the practice of psychoanalysis and the engagement with life.

This combination of video lectures provides 2.5 hours of recorded presentations..

CPD value: 3 hours

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Live Events

Confer's live events are seminars and conferences held in the UK at which we aim to present the cutting edge of research and theory in order to deepen our understanding of the mind and best practice in mental health disciplines.
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Transpersonal Narratives in Eco-Psychology

Friday 24, Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 November 2017 - Eden Project
With Sophy Banks, James Barrett, Caroline Brazier, Marion Green, Professor Jeremy Holmes, Dr Justine Huxley, Kamalamani, Paul Maiteny, Peter Owen-Jones, Mary-Jayne Rust, Toni Spencer and Nick Totton

This conference proposes that caring for the natural world of which we are an integral part is critical for our survival and our emotional well-being. Disrespecting that which nurtures us leads to deepening splits, tensions and conflicts within and beyond ourselves, which counter well-being and continue our dissociation from nurturing the planet, our home. More information >>

Illness in the Consulting Room:
Working with people who present life-threatening conditions in therapy

Saturday 2 December 2017 - London
With Sue Cowan-Jenssen, Dorothy Judd and Julia Segal

The diagnosis of a life-threatening illness will fill almost any individual with terror as they face the fear of dying and the process of death. Cancer in particular arouses huge anxieties. Even though half those diagnosed with cancer in England and Wales survive their disease for ten years or more, the fear of not being one of those survivors, the adjustment of identity of shifting from a healthy person to being seriously ill... More information >>

Dissociative Identities
Are multiple selves the greatest therapeutic challenge?

Saturday 9 December 2017 - Dublin
With Remy Aquarone, Teresa Moorhead, Dr Valerie Sinason, Dr Adah Sachs

The capacity of the mind to create new identities as a form of self-protection when faced with trauma or exploitation in childhood is an extraordinary ability. It enables the child to preserve their core sense of self by creating an alternative personality - or many 'alter' personalities - who experience the abuse on behalf of the core personality. More information >>

Hate, Threat and Unease in the Consulting Room
Working creatively with rupture in the therapeutic relationship

Saturday 20 January 2018 - Dublin
With Dr Noreen Giffney, Dr Ian Miller, Ann Murphy, Berna O'Brien

What do we do when our client feels hate towards us, or we feel threatened by them? The therapeutic encounter provides a landscape for all human experience to be felt and known about, including experiences of hate and anger. This conference seeks to explore the dynamics at play when these challenging encounters threaten the stability of the therapeutic relationship. More information >>

Working with threats to the couple relationship

Saturday 20 January 2018 - London
With Susannah Abse, Jane Haberlin and Dr Amita Sehgal

Infidelities come in many forms, but it is sexual infidelity that arguably cuts deepest. An affair involving one member of the couple usually also involves breaching an understanding they have with the other, although that contract may not be explicitly expressed. Affairs often bring couples to therapy. They are the cause and consequence of a third party disrupting the equilibrium of a relationship, challenging partners to find a new balance within it. Even an unconsummated liaison can dismantle relational structures based on trust, requiring a deep reworking of the basis of the partnership. More information >>

Animal Assisted Psychotherapy with Traumatised People

Saturday 27 January 2018 - London
With Dr Kim Brown, Kelvin Hall, Ella Jones, Mike Delaney

The human and animal bond is a universally accepted dimension of emotional life. Indeed, therapeutic use of the animal-human attachment system, which includes safety, comfort, play and social engagement, has been documented since the 18th century. More information >>

Core Emotional Processes in the Mammalian Mind
With implications for effective psychotherapy

Saturday 3 February 2018 - London
With Lucy Biven and Professor Mark Solms

The long-held idea that humans are fundamentally emotionally different from animals has been profoundly challenged by the research findings of the late Professor Jaak Panksepp and colleagues. This has irrefutably demonstrated that all mammals share what he described as 'core emotional processes' - namely SEEKING, RAGE, FEAR, LUST, CARE, PANIC/GRIEF, and PLAY. More information >>

The Seductive Allure of the Bad Object: The Childhood Origins of Attachments in Abusive Relationships

Friday 23 February 2018 - London
A 1-day seminar led by Dr David Celani

W. R. D. Fairbairn (1889-1964) assumed that the unconscious develops in childhood and contains dissociated memories of parental neglect, insensitivity, and outright abuse that are impossible the children to tolerate consciously. In Fairbairn's model, these dissociated memories protect developing children from recognising how badly they are being treated and allow them to remain attached to abusive parents. More information >>

Exciting Bad-Objects?

Saturday 24 February 2018 - London
With speakers Dr David Celani, David Millar, Anna Santamouris, Dr Estela Welldon

The perception of goodness or badness in the self-and-other - this conference will suggest - is the product of early-developmental experiences of relationship, which result in inner representations in which people are perceived as more or less 'good' or 'bad'. When attachments have been secure these inner representations can include a wide range of emotional positions that are fluidly negotiated and accepted and which are anchored in reality rather than imagination. More information >>

Existential Uncertainty
A 1-day workshop facilitated by Professor Ernesto Spinelli

Saturday 3 March 2018 - Dublin
With Professor Ernesto Spinelli

Current issues such as political and economic instability, climate change, and Brexit have provoked ever-increasing levels of anxiety and confusion. In turn, these concerns serve to highlight the degree to which uncertainly permeates our lives. Among contemporary psychotherapeutic models, existential psychotherapy emphasizes the inevitability of uncertainty. Its foundational stance of relatedness makes it evident that no individual "I" can ever fully determine, with complete and final certainty, what and how the world will be; how another or others will be; or even how "I" will be at any point time. More information >>

Clinical Shame: therapeutic issues unpacked

Saturday 10 March 2018 - Dublin
With Dr Olga Cox Cameron, Elaine Martin, Dr Rosaleen McElvaney

Shame frequently reflects a deeply meaningful struggle within the self, and yet often precludes being witnessed by others, inhabiting the mind as an invisible default position in which the person feels chronically inadequate, unlovable and at fault. Though usually considered an emotion, shame is more accurately a condition of the self, which can severely restrict the individual's capacity for engagement with life, and which operates as an oppressive and accusing shadow in that person's mind. More information >>

The Psychotherapist's Self-Care
Developing resilience in relation to the emotional pressures of our work

Saturday 17 March 2018 - London
With Elizabeth Wilde-McCormick and Anthea Millar

While it is a given that psychotherapists robustly expose themselves to distressing stories and painful emotions, we may find that we are unexpectedly thrown by working with a particular person or psychological condition. Even the most experience therapist can feel disarmed or threatened: indirect exposure to trauma of a particular kind can unexpectedly trigger a therapist's historical trauma; being verbally attacked may be particularly stressful for another. More information >>

Spiritual Trauma - The Forgotten Wound in the Consulting Room

Saturday 24 March 2018 - London
With Rabbi Howard Cooper, the Rev Canon Susannah Izzard, Ruthie Smith

Psychotherapy in general has struggled to integrate the spiritual into the work but, in an age where there is an increasing interest in this domain - whatever we understand that to be - we need to be open to seeing and working with the spiritual wounds which may have been ignored, overlooked or forgotten. More information >>