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Energy Psychotherapy
Evolving Perspectives of Diverse Practitioners

Saturday 8 July 2017
Judith Anderson, Viv Fogel, Dr Phil Mollon, Heather Redington and Ruthie Smith

Energy Psychotherapy and the ever-increasing related modalities are creating a vibrant and expansive new field of work, with remarkable, transformative results. Using relatively simple techniques alongside talking therapy, this work with people's energy systems - their meridians, energy centres and subtle energy systems beyond - helps us access a deeper and wider clinical terrain, and reaches the parts that talking therapy alone cannot address. Energy Psychotherapy appears seamlessly to combine depth talking therapy with the body to release engrained traumatic patterns at a cellular level and from the surrounding energy field.

Unique to the UK is the development of a variety of psychotherapies integrating various energy psychology modalities, creating a form of depth energy psychotherapy which is able to work effectively at different levels of consciousness. In this way we are able to address with relative ease - complex issues of pre-verbal development, uterine and transgenerational trauma, somatic stress, PTSD and trauma at all levels, including spiritual trauma. This conference invites discussion about the importance for psychotherapists to work inclusively with the body, mind and spirit. It presents just a few of the wide range of energy psychology modalities currently integrated into psychotherapy in the UK.
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