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Confer's Online Modules are packages of videoed talks, audio tracks, slides, texts and references contributed by leading theoreticians to support your work.

The Applications of Attachment Theory to Psychotherapy
Online Module
This package of online presentations provides over 14.5 hours of new videos plus additional resources on the subject of applying attachment theory to clinical expertise.

Since John Bowlby and Mary Ainsworth's pioneering studies into the infant's need for proximity to a loving caretaker, research and writings on attachment theory have flowered into a major psychological discipline. This has greatly influenced the way we understand the needs of the dependent child and the necessity of secure attachment throughout life for emotional growth. This collection of talks and papers addresses the further question of how these insights into attachment are applied to psychotherapy. We ask our presenters: How does attachment theory inform the practitioner’s understanding of their client’s relational history? How does it help us to understand the nature of the attachment between the therapist and client? What specific theoretical/technical advances should be taught about attachment-focused therapy? How does psychotherapy enable someone with an insecure attachment model of others become secure in their current and future significant relationships?

Dr Christopher Clulow, Linda Cundy, Dr Sarah Ingrid Daniel, Professor Pasco Fearon, Tirril Harris, Professor Jeremy Holmes, Dr Dan Hughes, Dr Frank Lachmann, Dr Mario Marrone, Paul Renn, Dr Daniela Sieff, Professor Miriam Steele, Dr David Wallin, Kate White.

CPD value: 14 hours
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