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Professor Oliver Turnbull

Professor Oliver Turnbull is a neuropsychologist in the School of Psychology at Bangor University, and is currently Head of the University's College of Health and Behavioural Sciences. His scientific research has focused on the neuroscience of emotion, and its consequences for cognition - including work on emotion-based learning (intuition) and decision making, as well as investigations of the emotional consequences of delusional beliefs such confabulation and anosognosia in neurological and psychiatric patients. Oliver has authored more than a hundred scientific publications, as well as co-authoring the well-known (and much translated) introductory text The Brain and the Inner World with Mark Solms.

Past and present Confer events
Neurobiology and its Applications to Psychotherapy II
Online module

The Intuitive Psychotherapist
Friday 29 and Saturday 30 June 2012 London

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