Dr Judith Pickering

Dr Judith Pickering

Dr Judith Pickering is a psychotherapist and faculty member of ANZAP, a Training Analyst with The Australian and New Zealand Association of Jungian Analysts and a Psychoanalytic Couple and Family Therapist. She has tertiary degrees in Religious Studies, Asian Studies, Music Education (Kodály Institute, Hungary), Musicology, Psychotherapy, and Analytical Psychology. She also has a doctorate in Psychology. Her practice covers all areas concerning psychological well-being, growth and overcoming psychological obstacles constricting finding meaningful harmonious and fulfilling relationships.

She has published and lectured widely in Australia, USA, and Europe including the Society of Psychoanalytical Marital Psychotherapists at the Tavistock Centre London; The International Family Therapy Association, Turkey, The Journal of Analytical Psychology, Oxford, St Petersburg, and Italy, Bion in Boston, and most recently in Berlin at The Journal of Analytical Psychology – XIIth International Conference. Books include: Early Childhood Music Education (Arts Council of Australia, 1989), Acoustically Pure Intonation In A Cappella Vocal Music (Australian National University, 1996), Being in Love: Therapeutic Pathways Through Psychological Obstacles to Love (Routledge, 2008) and The Search for Meaning: Spiritual Practice, The Apophatic Way and Bion (Routledge, 2018). She is a trained teacher of meditation.


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