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Do you have an innovative way of working, a new book or area of research you feel might benefit from discussion and collegial collaboration? If so come to these Friday evening gatherings where you can present theories and ideas or listen to others in a lively chaired discussion followed by drinks and music.

Friday 17 April 2020 – Laurie Slade


A Cafe Psy discussion, led by Laurie Slade, on Dreams in Search of a Dreamer
In Western culture, dreams are generally seen as meaningless byproducts of neurological process, or as essentially personal expressions of inner mental life.

If we accept that dreams can be meaningful, can we entertain the possibility that they may not always be just about the dreamer – that they may reflect a subliminal sense of wider social realities and concerns?

In my talk I will show how this idea resonates in different contexts, and I will discuss the practice of social dreaming, as a way of exploring our capacity to register and represent aspects of the zeitgeist through our dreaming minds.

You can read more about Laurie ’s work here:

Pushkin House
5a Bloomsbury Square

19.00 – 22.00hrs

Certificates of Attendance are provided at the event

Self-funded: £25 (BOOKING CLOSED)
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