Energy Diploma

A Certificate or Diploma in Practising Energy Psychotherapy 2021/2022

A clinical training for qualified counsellors, psychotherapists, clinical/counselling psychologists and psychiatrists


Saturday 24 July 2021 to Sunday 3 July 2022

After the success of the first Diploma in Practising Energy Psychotherapy (2020) we have decided to repeat this cutting-edge programme. The course provides in-depth online and in-person clinical training, inviting an open approach to integrating the myriad of contemporary energy psychologies into psychotherapy.

Working with the body alongside relational talking therapy is recognised as key when working with trauma and increasing understanding of the nervous system and advances in neurobiology support this.




Dr Phil MollonRuthie SmithPaul CroalSandra FiggessTessa Underwood,

The course presenters are some of the UK’s most experienced practitioners and teachers in the field of energy psychology and psychotherapy, who bring their wealth and depth of clinical experience to the teaching.

The teaching team also includes Course Assistants and Supervisors, who provide additional coaching and support for participants’ experiential learning.

International Energy Practitioners provide video content offering a taste of the wider field including Energy Psychology research.


The course will take place on two weekends and eight Saturdays over the year (12 days).  Of the twelve, nine will be online and three days in-person in London. The in-person days will be in 2022.

The course comprises theory, experiential practice of energy modalities in pairs and trios, small and large group discussion and monthly supervision groups.

  • At Certificate level: attending all the skills-based training seminars, online supervision groups and home study (90 units).
  • At Diploma level: attending all the skills-based training seminars, online supervision groups, home study and submission of a 5000-word dissertation (120 units).


Certificate in Practising Energy Psychotherapy

Diploma in Practising Energy Psychotherapy


The origins of energy in healing – combining the old and the new

Central to the ethos of our approach is the convergence of many different streams of ideas and practical applications for working with energy. This course aims to present underlying principles creating a solid foundation for practising energy psychotherapy. The healing traditions of working with subtle energies – meridians and chakras (energy centres) – such as in China, India and other ancient cultures are at least 5000 years old. From these beginnings we see the flowering of numerous energy disciplines in our contemporary world, including Acupuncture, Qi-Gong, Reiki, Thought Field Therapy, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Tapas Acupressure Technique, Advanced Integrative Therapy, Ask and Receive, Psychoanalytic Energy Psychotherapy, and many others.

Integrating the body and energy fields into psychotherapy

This course aims to teach clinicians to effectively and safely integrate energy psychology into their therapy practice. By including the body and energy field it is possible to work more easily with deep rooted issues, including developmental and preverbal trauma that “talking therapies” alone struggle to reach. T