Eco Psychotherapy Reclaiming our Indigenous Relationship with Nature - CPD Seminar Series Abstract

Eco Psychotherapy

Reclaiming our Indigenous Relationship with Nature

An introduction to the Systemic Integration of Nature into Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy Practice

With Bayo Akomolafe, Nora Bateson, Michael Boyle, Karen Carberry, Tom Cheetham, Roger Duncan, David Key, Meredith Little, Graham Music, Robert Romanyshyn, Arne Rubinstein, Sue Stuart-Smith

These webinars have emerged out of the postponement of the 2021 diploma ‘Eco Psychotherapy and the Emerging Adolescent Mind’ to 2022 due to ongoing Covid restrictions.

It is impossible to ignore the impact of the environmental crisis we are currently facing.

It is now unequivocally clear the contemporary, industrial model for social development not only has had a fatal impact on many ecosystems of the earth but also a detrimental effect on human mental health and psychological well-being.

The global Coronavirus pandemic is the latest iteration in a series of emerging and unsettling ecological events that require a radical and deep adaption to a new relationship with nature. We are facing not only an ecological break down but also a breakdown in how to make sense of what we are facing, a process of narrative collapse.

This has coincided with a painful awakening to the legacy of the social and environmental destruction resulting from a colonial world view to nature and culture. There is now a growing respect for long subjugated indigenous cultural epistemologies and a recognition that these ways of knowing which have sustained human culture through ecological change for millennia, must hold vital wisdom about multi systemic ways of relating to nature and human mental health

‘Reclaiming our Indigenous Relationship with Nature’ is a webinar series about ways of reclaiming an indigenous relationship to nature and mental health. Not through cultural appropriation to support our failing western lifestyles, but by finding a personal deep intersubjective connection to the self-healing ecosystems of the earth; which is the birth right of all human cultures.

This a series of wide-ranging conversations on this theme by a group of inspirational speakers and practitioners. Each speaker holds a fragment of an emerging new and very ancient narrative of deep connection. These webinars are an invitation into a hermeneutic process of deep listening for a radically reimagined ecological approaches to therapy, for the task of the supporting future generations of children and adolescents to become generative, altruistic and ecologically integrated adults.

Monday and Tuesday evenings at 19.00-20.30hrs BST

Per seminar
Each Seminar: £30
Each Seminar (Member): £24

Whole series of 12 seminars
All Seminars: £290
All Seminars (Member): £230

1.5 hours per evening/18 hours whole series
Certificates of Attendance will confirm that the participant joined the webinar