Becoming Safe

Transforming Attachments - Can psychotherapy make you secure?

Friday 6 November 2020 - A Live Webinar

With Linda Cundy, Siobhán McGee and Dr Kathrin Stauffer

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It is perhaps a given that, whatever someone’s starting point for coming into therapy, they have a wish to change – to suffer less – and that one way of thinking about that is as a desire to be securely attached. Of course, most people don’t come into therapy framing their problem as an incapacity for secure attachment, but psychotherapists who think of emotional suffering as rooted in childhood deficits may view the work through the lens of attachment theory.




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Bookings close at 9.00am BST Tuesday 3 November

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13.00 BST (08.00 EDT) Start
13.00 Linda Cundy
14.30 Break
15.00 Siobhán McGee
16.30 Break
17.00 Kathrin Stauffer
18.30 Q&A
19.00 End