Saturday 23 November 2019 – London

A one-day seminar led by Nigel Wellings and Elizabeth Wilde McCormick

There is something about everything that makes it not quite satisfactory. Even things we really love are spoilt by not being quite enough or – the opposite – going on too long. People entering psychotherapy want to feel better – more authoritative, less anxious or depressed, more whole – and although it can help, an enormous amount of difficult and painful emotions continue to arise.

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Saturday 30 November 2019 – London

With Yeva Feldman, Morit Heitzler and Susie Orbach

This conference will be grounded in the most up to date thinking on eating problems, as well as offering some substantial and inspiring assistance to those working with this challenging client group. Traditionally, the term “eating disorder” is a medical expression encompassing the various psychiatric diagnoses referred to in the DSM 5.

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Saturday 7 December 2019 – London

With Roz Carroll, Yeva Feldman & Sissy Lykou

How often do you feel ‘stuck’ in the chair when working with a client? Would you like to bring in other elements that support a transition into using the space? Many practitioners lack a sense of permission or training to know how to track micro-movements and to use kinaesthetic empathy to enable the client to take these further.

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Saturday 7 December 2019 – Dublin

A Special One-day Event with Brett Kahr and Dr. Carine Minne

Although the vast majority of psychotherapy patients conduct themselves with great honourability and pose no physical or emotional threat to the clinician, a small number of individuals will, from time to time, hurl “bombs” into the consulting room. Some patients might confess to criminal activities, or might even stalk or terrorise the psychotherapeutic practitioner, causing great distress.

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Saturday 14 December 2019 – London

With Dr Maria Luca, Prof Alistair Ross, Maktuno Suit and Nick Totton

The therapeutic frame has evolved over 130 years, from being a practical appointment system for a meeting between analyst and patient, to a key component of the practitioner’s skill.

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Saturday 18 January 2020 – London

With Lesley Caldwell, Dr Richard Gipps and Dr Akshi Singh

Why is it that some people never experience the emotion of loneliness, while others feel excruciating anxiety in solitude? This conference will attempt to understand aspects of an individual’s psyche that predisposes them towards either tendency.

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Saturday 25 January 2020 – Dublin

A seminar led by Dr. Susie Orbach, Harriet Parsons and Bernadette Divilly

Traditionally, the term “eating disorder” is a medical expression encompassing the various psychiatric diagnoses referred to in the DSM 5. Our speakers will problematise the diagnostic criteria for a wide range of eating issues (Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, Binge Eating Disorder…

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Saturday 1 February 2020 – London

With Antony Haynes and Dr Elisabeth Philipps

Many of us, including our psychotherapy clients, may suffer from unexplained symptoms of debilitation, and of depression, without a clear context.

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Saturday 29 February & Sunday 1 March 2020 – London

With Benjamin Fry, Dr Nuri Gene-Cos, Dr Phil Mollon, Dr Alon Reshef and Dr Yorai Sella

Previous notions of health and disease have tended to separate the mind from other organic processes.

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Saturday 7 March 2020 – London

With Roz Carroll, Dr Cherionna Menzam-Sills, Dr Kathrin Stauffer, Nick Totton

This conference attempts to scrutinise the often-repeated claim that bodies remember events, speak the truth, keep the score, and do other things that were previously seen as the province of minds.

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Saturday 14 March 2020 – London

A day with Adam Phillips

This one-day discussion focuses on the question of what constitutes an acceptable picture of change in psychoanalysis.

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Friday 20 (Eve) & Saturday 21 March 2020 – London

With speakers Tiane Graziottin, Ebinehita Iyere, Amanda McIntyre, Sakhile Mpofu, Mpume Mpofu, Dr Graham Music, Simon Partridge, Jocelyne Quennell, Judith Rees, Dr Jonathon Tomlinson and Dr Felicity de Zulueta

This conference will address the highly topical issue of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and a therapeutic modality called Trauma Informed Care (TIC), which has been found to be highly effective in addressing these.

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Saturday 28 March 2020 – London

A one-day workshop led by Marian Dunlea

In this training workshop, Marian will guide participants through her embodied therapeutic approach, BodyDreaming, which explores the interconnection of body, mind and psyche and provides a theoretical and practical guide for working with early developmental trauma.

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Saturday 25 April 2020 – London

With Richard Carvalho, Geraldine Godsil and Salvatore Martini

This day will present views on psychotherapeutic experiences which illuminate the bodily basis of inter-subjectivity.

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Saturday 2 May 2020 – Dublin

With Professor Stephen Porges and Professor Sue Carter

In this workshop Porges and Carter will demonstrate the clinical applications of their research into Polyvagal Theory and oxytocin and social behavior. Their scientifically validated advancements in neuroscience offer a new way of considering brain-body medicine.

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