On Not Knowing

Friday 25 September 2020 – A Live Webinar

With Judith Pickering, Meg Harris Williams and David Henderson. Chaired by Alice Waterfall

In this conversation, we will examine the connection between spirituality, mysticism, contemplation and psychotherapy. Exploring the qualities that inspire growth, healing and transformation in the therapeutic journey, the speakers will consider the many qualities that may contribute to these less tangible processes…

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domestic violence

Friday 2 October 2020 – A Live Webinar

Led by Dr Arlene Vetere

This webinar will outline the systemic safety methodology for safe relationship therapy when physical and emotional violence is known to have occurred. It is in response to the increase of violence in the home during the lockdown period, and the challenges of working remotely with these clients. It will assist practitioners to assess when it’s safe enough to work relationally, and when to offer alternatives.

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Healing from Collective Trauma

Friday 9 October 2020 – A Live Webinar

With Dr Sousan Abadian, Dr Doris Brothers and Dr Jack Saul

While we can’t know the global consequences of the 2020 coronavirus pandemic, we can predict that the felt experience of facing this particular existential threat will leave a lasting shock-wave through our emotional systems; that time and space will be needed for grief and anger. But can we also think about this processing as an opportunity for certain kinds of emotional and social enrichment?

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the disrupted frame

Saturday 17 October 2020 – A Live Webinar

With Dr Pierre Cachia, Professor Alessandra Lemma and Dr Jill Scharff

Today’s panel will consider the implications of holding the psychotherapy session in cyberspace – something that most psychotherapists have, however reluctantly, adjusted to during the pandemic. Many have expressed regret at the loss of embodied contact, the familiar physical rhythm of the sessions and the lack of access to non-verbal cues.

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Becoming Safe

Friday 6 November 2020 – A Live Webinar

With Linda Cundy, Siobhán McGee and Dr Kathrin Stauffer

It is perhaps a given that, whatever someone’s starting point for coming into therapy, they have a wish to change – to suffer less – and that one way of thinking about that is as a desire to be securely attached. Of course, most people don’t come into therapy framing their problem as an incapacity for secure attachment, but psychotherapists who think of emotional suffering as rooted in childhood deficits may view the work through the lens of attachment theory.

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Free Energy

Saturday 14 November 2020 – A Live Webinar

With Dr Barnaby Barratt, Professor Jeremy Holmes and Dr Saadia Muzaffar

The aim of psychotherapy is freedom: to liberate sufferers from repetitive self-defeating patterns of thought and relationship. Its clients feel stuck, unable to move forward, trammelled by depression, anxiety, physical and/or mental pain and cut-offness.

In this webinar we shall consider psychotherapeutic freedom from three different, but related, viewpoints.

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secrets and lies

Saturday 21 November 2020 – A Live Webinar

With Dr Françoise Davoine, Trudy Gold, Maya Lasker-Wallfisch, John Simmonds and Dr Reenee Singh

Many families have needed to shed a past identity in order to build new lives, especially those who have been subjected to social shame or exclusion. Often, unacceptable aspects of that family history are expunged from the family narrative; histories that are considered too painful to recount – either to protect the teller or listener – are deliberately or unconsciously hidden.

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Embodied Intersubjectivities

Friday 4 December 2020 – A Live Webinar

A One-Day Exploration with Roz Carroll, Ruella Frank and Margaret Landale

As therapists move their practices online, what are we discovering about the significance of embodied presence in the shadow of its absence?

Surprisingly, therapists have reported that certain kinds of connection are actually intensified online. For example, close-up facial expressions provide an immediate intimacy between the two. Transference and countertransference enactments can still find expression, and narratives can easily unfold with less inhibition.

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Toxic Shame

Saturday 12 December 2020 – A Live Webinar

With Dr Aileen Alleyne, Dr Chip Chimera and Professor Arlene Vetere

This conference explores the psychotherapeutic challenges of working with shame, one of the most painful yet insidious emotions because of its potential to attack the deepest sense of self. Shaming is often a mechanism of emotional control in dysfunctional families.

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