Avoidant Attachment and the Defence Against Intimacy

Saturday 29 June - Dublin

A one-day seminar Led by Linda Cundy

We will consider the roots of negative self-objects, which are likely to be deeply embedded aspects of the personality, and how venturing towards intimate relating can arouse deep doubts and self-hatred. In exploring the internal object world of avoidant and dismissing adults, Linda will talk about how therapy can offer another way of relating which develops a greater sense of safety with intimacy and accommodation of the other. People who have learnt to avoid attachment can find therapy disruptive and especially challenging. We will thus consider how to notice and navigate moments when the client might retreat or shut out the therapist. Considering how to work with these defences, picking up on possible shame and self-doubt as well as anger and frustration, are key therapeutic skills. Therapists should prepare to lose their own confidence in the countertransference, to feel de-skilled and ineffective and such hazards will be considered. Ultimately, we will ask how increased self-acceptance, and openness to the risks of loving can be developed, enabling such clients to meet their hidden need for intimacy.


Self-funded: £120
2 x Self Funded: £200
Organisationally-Funded: £200
Psychotherapy trainee: £80 (Limited to 10 places)
A psychotherapy trainee is someone undertaking a therapy training course of at least 8 hours study per week.


Handouts and lunch included
Early bird:
£60 (Available until 30 April)


£60 (PSI, IACP, IAHIP and ICP members)

Self-funded x 2:

Self-funded x 2:
£100 (PSI, IACP, IAHIP and ICP members)



Certificates of attendance for 6 hours will be provided at the event


Marino Institute of Ireland
Griffith Avenue
Dublin 9


09.30 Registration and coffee
10:00 Start
11:15 Coffee
13:00 Lunch
15:15 Tea
17:00 End