Moving Out of the Chair: Freeing up Creative Potential in the Therapeutic Relationship

Saturday 7 December 2019 - London

With Roz Carroll, Yeva Feldman & Sissy Lykou

In this one day workshop, we will invite curiosity about the experience of moving out of the chair and integrating relational movement awareness. We will explore what holds us back and how to keep the potential for movement alive in every moment of the interaction. We will be considering this from a variety of process perspectives including embodied, somatic and kinetic countertransference. Whilst some of these terms overlap, we will differentiate, track and unpack them individually. This project is not about having an agenda to 'get the client out of the chair' but rather an enquiry into how we, as therapists limit the creative potential of movement in the therapeutic process. We will offer ways through which we can safely experiment with a variety of creative options including working with sensation, images and feelings, introducing art materials or props, designing a Gestalt 'experiment', relational improvisation and exploring rhythm and space.


Self-funded: £120
2 x Self Funded: £200
Organisationally-Funded: £200
Psychotherapy trainee: £80 (Limited to 10 places)
A psychotherapy trainee is someone undertaking a therapy training course of at least 8 hours study per week.


Handouts and lunch included
Early bird:
£100 (SOLD OUT)


Self-funded x 2:


Psychotherapy trainee:
£80 (Limited to 10 places)

This event + the online module Embodied Approaches to Psychotherapy:


Certificates of attendance for 7 hours will be provided at the event


8 All Saints Street
N1 9RL


09.30 Registration and coffee
10:00 Start
11:25 Coffee
13:30 Lunch break
15:45 Tea
18:00 End